Staff Augmentation Services

Building your team is one of the most important things you'll do, and Protech offers qualified staff and a powerful engine for penetrating the market, extending your reach and finding IT professionals for your organization. Protech can assist your HR process by:

Don't delay another project for lack of qualified people. Protech can help you meet requirements of virtually any proficiency, including:

1099 Managed Services

Managing your existing pool of 1099 contractors can sometimes feel like herding cats, putting a hidden burden on you and your team leads.

"Take back the valuable time that can be spent serving your customers!"

Protech can dramatically reduce the cost of processing varying invoices, timesheets, terms, schedules and complying with IRS and state rules and regulations. Take back valuable time that can be spent serving your customers and allow Protech to unify reporting, manage schedules and provide regulatory relief by managing your 1099 contractors for you as their employer.

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